Image of entrepreneur Chris Niarchos

Chris Niarchos – How to be a Business Entrepreneur

Chris Niarchos is a successful entrepreneur who knows a thing or two about the startup world. On this website he shares his small business ideas and what he has learned over more than three decades as a business owner. 

Chris Niarchos’ startup story

In 1988, aged 22, Chris established his first startup, which he originally called Cobra Group and is now known as Appco Group.

Chris and his team built the business from the ground up and its success allowed for many of Chris’s other small business ideas to take flight.

By 2011, his business portfolio under the Cobra Group of Companies had diversified considerably. Alongside Appco Group, Chris developed a number of other successful businesses specialising in areas such as startup investment and new business incubation, high-performance race car design and manufacture, software development, aviation training and recruitment and telecommunications.

Insights of an entrepreneur

Chris understands that the journey to becoming an entrepreneur is at once exciting, rewarding and endlessly challenging – and the hurdles don’t disappear once you’ve “made it”.

He is keen to share his own successes and failings – and what he has learned from both – to help and hopefully inspire other budding business owners to continue to strive towards their startup dreams.

As founder and chairman of the Cobra Group of Companies, Chris is responsible for the strategic direction of all of the companies within the group, ensuring that the objectives of each business are successfully met.

As an entrepreneur, Chris is committed to sharing his insights and experience to help other entrepreneurs and startup businesses flourish.