Chris Niarchos is a person who has proved that one man can do many great things and materialize big ideas. As a young man, Chris was a person with high aims and a clear vision who knew for sure the path he was trotting.

If success should be attributed to one single factor, then the success of Cobra Group UK can be ascribed to the efforts of this one man – Christos Niarchos. Yes, today, Chris Niarchos is the man behind the success of the largest sales and marketing company in the world – the Cobra Group UK.

Not only did the 22 year old entrepreneur lay the foundation for the great direct marketing company but he also proved that he is a man of many talents by showcasing his skill in racing as well. Today, Chris Niarchos is team principal of the CR Scuderia team and has proved to be great at that job too by securing commercial partnerships from even reputed brands like Fast Wax.