Be Something More and create a wealth of opportunities

I started my first company in be Sydney at the age of just 22 and throughout my career, I have strived not only to achieve success in the business realm, but also to have a positive impact on the people around me. One of the guiding principles that has helped me to focus my efforts and stay motivated throughout the years is ‘Be Something More’. This simple but powerful idea is a major part of my business and of my life more generally, having helped and inspired me to create a wealth of opportunities for me, my family and people across my business.

What does it mean to Be Something More?

I can trace the concept back to a poster my mother bought for my brother and me when I was just eight years old. The poster showcased the phrase ‘Be Something More’ and it was displayed on my bedroom wall until the day I left home.

My parents always encouraged my brother and me to follow this principle. To them, it didn’t matter whether someone was a painter, a musician, an engineer, a solicitor or anything else; what mattered was that they aimed to do something with their lives and fulfil their potential. The principle is about wanting to do more than just go through the motions in life; it means striving to achieve goals for yourself and for your community.

Because this idea is so important to me and it has had such a formative influence on my career and life, I decided to make it the catchphrase for Appco. I believe it perfectly encapsulates the essence of everything we do within the company and within the wider Appco network. It’s also the inspiration behind The Cobra Group Foundation, which was set up to provide funding and support to a whole range of worthy causes across the world.

How can Be Something More benefit you and your community?

I believe that following this principle can help you to enhance your career prospects official website. The business world can be tough and to succeed you need courage and resolve. Striving to Be Something More can give you the focus and determination you need to overcome challenges and to become the sort of entrepreneur – or anything else – you want to be.

In turn, this can bring you financial success, prestige and personal satisfaction. But it’s always been more than that for me. Being something more can also give you added motivation to enhance the world around you. For example, it might encourage you to get involved in charitable initiatives in your local area or further afield, or it might give you the impetus to learn a new skill or try a new career path.

Simply going through the motions in life can often seem like the easy option, but in fact this approach may ultimately leave you feeling unfulfilled and unhappy, and it could get in the way of you achieving success. In contrast, making an effort to stand up and be counted and to use your skills to the best possible effect – whether this is through Cases your business efforts, your fulfilling charity/community involvement or in your personal life – can give you a feeling of fulfilment and pride.


Chris Niarchos applies the Be Something More principle to everything he does, including the fundraising division within Appco Group. You can discover how Chris Niarchos’s Be Something More principle is reflected in Appco Group’s fundraising division by visiting the AGS Global Fundraising Services website.


4 essentials for a fulfilling career

We all want to enjoy our work and to find roles that use and develop our talents and enable us to be the best that we can be. But what exactly makes for a fulfilling career? Based on my own experiences in business, here are four things that I believe play an essential part in making work rewarding.

1) Do something you love

Admittedly, this is sometimes easier said than done, but too often, people wholesale nfl jerseys end up in jobs that they Lancement have no real interest in or, worse still, they actively dislike. The most successful and fulfilling careers come from being passionate about what you do. And it’s worth bearing in mind that there’s no need to let a lack of experience or qualifications stop you from pursuing your dreams. Look for roles in your times area of interest that offer training and development opportunities.

Take Lawrence Lenzi, a successful business owner in the Appco UK network and the latest winner of the Marketing Company of the Year award: in his blog, he admits that when he started in the business he was “terrible” at sales! I’m enormously proud of the fact that the global Appco Group network is built on developing people’s professional and personal skills so they can pursue the career they want.

UK field representative Sophie Kola is benefitting from the Appco model in a different way. She’s using the flexibility of being self-employed to complete her studies, which is fantastic. Whatever you do, pursuing a line of work that you are passionate about is the first step towards enjoying a fulfilling career.

2) Stretch yourself

Taking on new challenges at work can of be daunting and it’s much easier to remain within your comfort zone, focussing on tasks that you feel confident and comfortable doing. But, while it may seem safe and appealing in the short term, failing to stretch yourself can in fact lead to dissatisfaction. You may BALA end up feeling bored in your role and you might struggle to achieve the level of success you’re striving for. Rather than shying away from testing situations, it pays off to embrace them. This will help you to build on your skill set, increase your confidence and fulfil your potential.

3) Be the master of your own destiny

Whether you are employed, self-employed or running your own business, you are the one who controls your ultimate career path and success. If you do set up in business for yourself you may have more freedom to pursue your own ideas and reap the full rewards of your success, but no matter what type of role you are in, never lose site of your goals. And remember, establishing your own company can be hugely rewarding, but it does require considerable effort, dedication and Effects the ability to enable wholesale nba jerseys others to pursue the dreams!

4) Make a difference

A major contributor to a fulfilling career is the belief that the work you do makes a positive difference to the people around you. For example, being proud of the products or services that your wholesale nba jerseys company offers or that you represent makes it easier to show up every day and contribute to their production or promotion. And, speaking from experience, nurturing talent within your organisation and seeing others flourish is incredibly satisfying. On a more personal level, your job may help you to look after your loved ones, which I believe is just as – if not more so – rewarding wholesale jerseys as any professional or financial success.


With decades of experience as a business leader, Chris Niarchos knows exactly what it takes to build a successful career. As well as honing his skills as an entrepreneur, he has achieved considerable success on the race track. You can find out more about this, and get Chris Niarchos’ statistics, on the FIA GT Championship website.


How to stay motivated in challenging times

Being an entrepreneur’s easy when everything’s running smoothly and the future looks bright. From my own experiences, I know the real test for a businessperson comes when you face challenging wholesale jerseys times. From falls in demand and increased production costs to late payments and problems with personnel, a whole series of hurdles can strike company owners at any time, and staying motivated and positive can be a major challenge. During these times, I have found that it’s worth bearing the following in mind.

Share your experiences

At times, being in charge of a company can cheap jerseys be a lonely job, but don’t make the mistake of shutting yourself off when you’re facing challenging situations. It’s important to share your experiences with others and one way you can do this is by networking with fellow entrepreneurs. As any successful business leader will tell you, learning from psykisk others should be a continual o process and it’s something we actively encourage across the Appco Group network.

Always make time for family and friends

Striking a good work-life balance is notoriously Neues difficult for business owners. Particularly when your company is facing problems, you might find it hard to tear yourself away from your desk. But focussing too much on your work at the expense of your family and friends of can take its toll. Even when you’re busy, it’s important to schedule time out. This will not only give you the chance to rest, but also provide you with a clearer perspective and help you remember what all your hard work is actually for.

Look after your health

It’s easy to allow your own wellbeing to take a backseat to your business. But the irony is, if you’re not sleeping enough, you’re living on caffeine and junk food and you don’t have time to exercise, you could actually put your business at risk. The fact is, your physical fitness has a big impact on your ability to cope mentally, so neglecting your health simply isn’t an option. By getting enough rest, eating properly and fitting exercise into your routine, you wholesale MLB jerseys will find it easier to keep on top of running your own business.

Focus on your end goals

Try not to lose sight of the ultimate purpose of your efforts – whatever that may be. Making a success of your business could bring you wealth, prestige and satisfaction – and, most importantly, it could help you to provide the life you want for wholesale NBA jerseys you and your family. This idea can be summed up by Appco’s Be Something More principle. PageRank? Essentially, this means striving to achieve something for yourself or those around you and to do more than simply go through the motions in life. This idea is extremely important to me and it has helped to guide me throughout my career and keep me focussed when I’ve been presented with challenges.

It’s inevitable that you will face obstacles in running your business, and the mark of a truly great business leader is how they rise to those challenges and maintain their motivation and positive attitude. If you can do that, success – in whatever way you define it – is likely to follow.