UN General Assembly encourages me to ‘be something more’

The UN General Assembly
The UN General Assembly

My thoughts on the UN General Assembly

I’ve been following the UN General Assembly’s annual meeting in New York with a lot of interest. It’s the time when nearly all of the world’s leaders come together and discuss the world’s most pressing problems.

A common theme at this year’s General Assembly meeting has been empowering ordinary citizens to create change. We’ve heard world leaders urge not just governments, but also people to do what they can to tackle the most pressing global issues, from the refugee crisis to climate change.

Be something more

All of this reminds me of a poster that I had on my wall when I was younger. As a child, like most kids, I really wanted a poster of a rock band or my favourite film, but I was never allowed to put anything on my bedroom walls. Then one day, my mum came home with a poster for me, featuring the simple phrase: ‘Be something more’.

As regular readers of this blog will know, ‘Be something more’ is extremely important to me. It’s the motto of Appco Group and it’s one of my guiding principles. I think the foundation of ‘Be something more’ is very similar to what is being talked about at the UN and that is to be the change that you want to see.

Be something more in Laos

One of the ways that we use this philosophy at Cobra Group is through the charities that we support. As a company, we help fund the Support Lao Children charity, which maintains several orphanages for children in Laos as well as providing for their healthcare and education.

Not only does the company support the charity, but the important thing about the idea of ‘Be something more’ is that it challenges everyone at the company to see what kind of change they can bring to the world. One of the ways we do this is to provide permanent employees of The Cobra Group of Companies the opportunity to support the charity through payroll contributions. The charity has managed to bring incredible change to Laos — over 4,000 children are now being cared for by Support Lao Children.

What’s even better is that we’ve noticed that so many employees in Cobra have taken the initiative to go out into their communities to ‘Be something more’. For example, Faiza, who works in the Appco Group contact centre, recently returned from a trip to Kenya, where she volunteered on several crucial projects. In the Cobra Communications team, Tamsin has been volunteering her time designing a charity’s webpage. Dom, the Business Manager of Global Fundraising services, volunteers his time to advise a charity that helps sufferers of mental illnesses.

Sometimes it feels overwhelming reading the news and hearing about the number of immense problems in the world, but I’m always encouraged when I think about the number of people I work with who take it upon themselves to ‘some something more’ and to make change in the communities in which they live. There’s so much energy and talent in the world, and when we harness it and direct it at the right goals, I think we’d all be surprised about the amount of change that we can bring.