Be Something More and create a wealth of opportunities

I started my first company in be Sydney at the age of just 22 and throughout my career, I have strived not only to achieve success in the business realm, but also to have a positive impact on the people around me. One of the guiding principles that has helped me to focus my efforts and stay motivated throughout the years is ‘Be Something More’. This simple but powerful idea is a major part of my business and of my life more generally, having helped and inspired me to create a wealth of opportunities for me, my family and people across my business.

What does it mean to Be Something More?

I can trace the concept back to a poster my mother bought for my brother and me when I was just eight years old. The poster showcased the phrase ‘Be Something More’ and it was displayed on my bedroom wall until the day I left home.

My parents always encouraged my brother and me to follow this principle. To them, it didn’t matter whether someone was a painter, a musician, an engineer, a solicitor or anything else; what mattered was that they aimed to do something with their lives and fulfil their potential. The principle is about wanting to do more than just go through the motions in life; it means striving to achieve goals for yourself and for your community.

Because this idea is so important to me and it has had such a formative influence on my career and life, I decided to make it the catchphrase for Appco. I believe it perfectly encapsulates the essence of everything we do within the company and within the wider Appco network. It’s also the inspiration behind The Cobra Group Foundation, which was set up to provide funding and support to a whole range of worthy causes across the world.

How can Be Something More benefit you and your community?

I believe that following this principle can help you to enhance your career prospects official website. The business world can be tough and to succeed you need courage and resolve. Striving to Be Something More can give you the focus and determination you need to overcome challenges and to become the sort of entrepreneur – or anything else – you want to be.

In turn, this can bring you financial success, prestige and personal satisfaction. But it’s always been more than that for me. Being something more can also give you added motivation to enhance the world around you. For example, it might encourage you to get involved in charitable initiatives in your local area or further afield, or it might give you the impetus to learn a new skill or try a new career path.

Simply going through the motions in life can often seem like the easy option, but in fact this approach may ultimately leave you feeling unfulfilled and unhappy, and it could get in the way of you achieving success. In contrast, making an effort to stand up and be counted and to use your skills to the best possible effect – whether this is through Cases your business efforts, your fulfilling charity/community involvement or in your personal life – can give you a feeling of fulfilment and pride.


Chris Niarchos applies the Be Something More principle to everything he does, including the fundraising division within Appco Group. You can discover how Chris Niarchos’s Be Something More principle is reflected in Appco Group’s fundraising division by visiting the AGS Global Fundraising Services website.


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