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Chris Niarchos – the role model

Christos Niarchos is the Founder and Chairman of the Cobra Group of Companies, a company which has evolved from its humble beginnings to be the leader in the sales and marketing field. A man of great knowledge and talent, Chris established his direct sales business in Sydney, Australia when he was just 22 years old.

Spearheading a billion-dollar enterprise that is still continuing to build on a global scale, Chris is today considered one among the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. By setting the strategic direction that the company must follow in addition to taking key decisions, he makes sure that the objectives of the company are strictly adhered to.

A motivational leader with an inherent skill to invest in businesses and people, Chris Niarchos wealth is also that he is a storehouse of other talents. Chris Niarchos is the CRS Team Principal and races with Tim Mullen in the FIA GT Championship. If there is one thing that Chris Niarchos loves as much as the Cobra Group of Companies, it is racing. In fact he even has an impressive racing career record to his credit. In 2003, Chris won the 2nd Place, Championship Runner Up in Pirelli Maranello Ferrari Challenge, followed by a 4th and 2nd place in the British GT championships for the years 2004 and 2005 respectively. 2006 was a golden year for Chris and the titles he won during the year included the British GT Championship – 1st. British GT Champion; FIA GT Champion – 12th; 24 Hours of Le Mans and a 3rd in GT2 class. In 2007 he won the 13th place in the FIA GT Championship and in 2008 the FIA GT Championship he won with his own team: CR Scuderia.

Still going young and strong, Chris Niarchos continues to be a role model for many. worth a look to find out more about the man.

For Chris Niarchos – the saga of success continues

Chris Niarchos is a person who has proved that one man can do many great things and materialize big ideas. As a young man, Chris was a person with high aims and a clear vision who knew for sure the path he was trotting.

If success should be attributed to one single factor, then the success of Cobra Group UK can be ascribed to the efforts of this one man – Christos Niarchos. Yes, today, Chris Niarchos is the man behind the success of the largest sales and marketing company in the world – the Cobra Group UK.

Not only did the 22 year old entrepreneur lay the foundation for the great direct marketing company but he also proved that he is a man of many talents by showcasing his skill in racing as well. Today, Chris Niarchos is team principal of the CR Scuderia team and has proved to be great at that job too by securing commercial partnerships from even reputed brands like Fast Wax.

Chris Niarchos

Chris Niarchos is a reputed entrepreneur who has proved his talent in more than one field. Whether it is excelling in being the CRS Team Principal and being great on the track or in being the beacon of light for the new generation marketing company-Cobra Group, Christos Niarchos does leave behind a footprint that is difficult to erase.The CR Scuderia (CRS British racing team, is based in Leicestershire and was founded in late 2007 and Chris was actively involved in the motor sport ever since 2003. This was the time when his company, The Cobra Group plc, with its business in diversified sectors like home security, energy, charity, sports marketing and insurance, entered the sporting arena first as a sponsor. Chris Niarchos later began his own racing career and many are of the opinion that it was solely his passion for the sport and the desire to be the best, that made Chris Niarchos and his team win so many titles and awards.It was in 2008 that CRS Team Principal revealed their commercial partnerships. The team was delighted to have secured commercial partnerships with numerous companies which included Fast Wax, Grand Prix Racewear (GPR), Alpinestars, Giorgio, Performance Friction, Creative Print Group, , PPG and Autosmart.

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