The Appco story: building a successful business from scratch

I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a successful business owner. So, at the age of just 22, I set up my own direct sales company in Sydney, which would eventually expand and mature into what is now Appco Group – one of the world’s largest face-to-face sales and marketing companies with operations in nearly 30 countries around the world.

It’s been a truly incredible journey from those early days to where I am – and the company is – now; it’s one that has taught me many things both about myself and about the business world.


Striving to Be Something More

There’s no denying the fact that building a successful business from scratch takes dedication, commitment and patience. All entrepreneurs have their own personal ways of coping with the pressures and stresses that running a business can bring. In my case, one of the guiding principles throughout my career has been ‘Be Something More’.

When I was a young kid still living with my parents, my mum brought home a poster with this phrase printed on it. I kept it on my bedroom wall until I left home and the message had a lasting impression on me.

To both my parents, the idea of being something more was hugely important. They believed that it didn’t matter what your line of work was, who you were or where you were from; what mattered was that you strived to fulfil your potential and to do something positive for yourself and your community. In other words, they believed in doing more than simply going through the motions in life.

A company catchphrase

Because this idea has had such a formative influence on my approach to work and to life, I decided to make it the motto for my company.

To me, this idea perfectly encapsulates what Appco means. It’s about achieving excellence and never settling for second best. This is what Appco aims for in all its direct marketing activities. We are leaders when it comes to creating lasting connections with consumers, supporting small companies and entrepreneurs and delivering impressive value to our clients.

The future for Appco

You might assume that because Appco has already achieved such great things, I will be content to sit back and take things easy. In fact, I’m just as focussed as ever and I’m constantly looking for new ways to enhance the business, the service we offer our clients and the opportunities we provide to the budding business leaders in the network.

Back in 2010, we highlighted our commitment to our face-to-face marketing services when we launched the Appco Group brand worldwide. This move was intended to further define our face-to-face business and to differentiate it from the other companies and services we offer within the Cobra Group. And I am determined to ensure Appco carries on growing and improving.

Although I’ve come a long way since first starting out as an entrepreneur, there are many more things that I want to achieve and I have the same drive and passion that motivated me to set up in business back in 1987.

4 ways to future-proof your business

Starting a company can be difficult enough, but the real challenge is ensuring that your business stands the test of time. According to research conducted by Professor Richard Foster at Yale University, the average lifespan of a business listed in Standard & Poor’s 500 index of leading US companies fell from 67 years in the 1920s to 15 years in 2012. However, from my own experience as a business leader, I know there are ways to future-proof your business. Following are four tactics that could help you to increase the longevity of your enterprise.

1. Keep tabs on emerging technology trends

Technology is progressing at a phenomenal rate and so to ensure you don’t get left behind, it’s crucial that you keep tabs on emerging trends within your sector. By making sure you have access to the most up-to-date and efficient equipment and systems available, you can reduce the risk that your rivals will gain a competitive advantage over you. Making sure you have the best possible resources does require investment, but this will be money well spent if it prevents your company from losing relevance and being side-lined by more forward looking competitors.

2. Take steps to protect your brand

The internet – and particularly social media – means it’s now easier than ever to spread the word about your products or services and to build up your brand. However, the web also means that news of bad customer experiences can spread quickly. It’s important to take careful steps to protect your business’s reputation by doing everything you can to make sure that every customer has a positive experience when they deal with your business.

3. Nurture the talent within your team

Your people are your most valuable asset. Their hard work, expertise and insight could help to steer your business to continued success. However, to ensure you make the most of the talent within your team, you must take steps to nurture it. This involves providing people with necessary training, as well as mentoring opportunities, rewarding good work and making sure everyone has access to skills development and career opportunities. Doing these things should mean you are able to attract and retain the best people – and it will help those within your organisation to fulfil their potential.

4. Don’t let nostalgia get in the way of progress

There’s a certain reassurance that comes from maintaining continuity within a business seroquel pill. However, it’s vital that you don’t allow nostalgia to get in the way of progress. If your procedures aren’t agile and responsive to change, everything from your recruitment process and day-to-day operations to your marketing techniques and branding may benefit from an overhaul. Making changes to the way your company does things may pull you out of your comfort zone, but it could help you better reflect the current business environment and sustain longer-term success.

3 ways to boost productivity in your business

Increasing productivity could help your business to improve its bottom line and become more competitive. But how exactly should you go about raising efficiency and output within your company? Drawing on pointers I’ve picked up throughout my career as a business leader, here are three tips that can help you boost productivity.

1) Empower your team

If you’re starting up your own business, you might find it difficult to delegate tasks. However, if you try to do too much yourself and you insist on being involved in all decisions, you can end up causing delays in the growth and ultimate success of your company.

To ensure your business runs as efficiently and smoothly as possible, it’s important to empower your team. Giving people enough control over their tasks and making sure they have suitable decision-making powers can prevent unnecessary holdups. Just as importantly, it will give your team members the autonomy and confidence they need to ‘get the job done’ and raise morale, making your office an enjoyable and fulfilling place to be.

When people are given greater levels of responsibility in their roles, they tend to experience greater job satisfaction. In turn, this can make them more motivated and committed to their tasks.

As an added bonus, delegating more of your responsibilities can cut your workload and reduce your stress levels. It also gives you more time to focus on setting the strategic direction for your company.

2) Reward success

It’s crucial that you reward success within your organisation. When people demonstrate high levels of dedication, skill and innovation, you should ensure their efforts and achievements are recognised.

People are much more likely to work hard and apply their talents on behalf of your company if they know they will be recognised and appreciated as a result.

There are many different ways to reward success. On the most basic level, it’s vital that you give your team positive feedback when they do something well. Beyond this, it’s important to provide people with opportunities to develop their careers and increase their earning potential.

Giving out awards and prizes to top-performing team members can also be an effective way to celebrate success.

Making reward and recognition – in whatever format you choose – part of your operating model should help you to ensure that people feel fulfilled and are productive in their roles and that you retain skills and knowledge within your business.

3) Put suitable systems and technology in place

It’s essential to have the right systems, processes and technology in place to enable people to perform their roles properly.

And implementing them doesn’t have to mean a massive financial outlay. If you’re just starting up your own business, it’s more important to establish great habits and behaviours that become ingrained in your company culture than it is to spend vast amounts on ‘bells and whistles’.

A complex intranet, for example, may become necessary to enable people to communicate in a large organisation; but in a small office, establishing a practice whereby people speak directly to each other is just as effective – if not more so.

Ultimately, it’s about making sure your resources are fit for their purpose, your people and your business – and that will change over time so be prepared to review things to ensure your company runs efficiently and is as agile and competitive as possible.

Heading up a highly successful international business Appco Chairman Chris Niarchos is a respected entrepreneur and understands exactly what it takes to make a company productive and successful.

Be Something More and create a wealth of opportunities

I started my first company in be Sydney at the age of just 22 and throughout my career, I have strived not only to achieve success in the business realm, but also to have a positive impact on the people around me. One of the guiding principles that has helped me to focus my efforts and stay motivated throughout the years is ‘Be Something More’. This simple but powerful idea is a major part of my business and of my life more generally, having helped and inspired me to create a wealth of opportunities for me, my family and people across my business.

What does it mean to Be Something More?

I can trace the concept back to a poster my mother bought for my brother and me when I was just eight years old. The poster showcased the phrase ‘Be Something More’ and it was displayed on my bedroom wall until the day I left home.

My parents always encouraged my brother and me to follow this principle. To them, it didn’t matter whether someone was a painter, a musician, an engineer, a solicitor or anything else; what mattered was that they aimed to do something with their lives and fulfil their potential. The principle is about wanting to do more than just go through the motions in life; it means striving to achieve goals for yourself and for your community.

Because this idea is so important to me and it has had such a formative influence on my career and life, I decided to make it the catchphrase for Appco. I believe it perfectly encapsulates the essence of everything we do within the company and within the wider Appco network. It’s also the inspiration behind The Cobra Group Foundation, which was set up to provide funding and support to a whole range of worthy causes across the world.

How can Be Something More benefit you and your community?

I believe that following this principle can help you to enhance your career prospects official website. The business world can be tough and to succeed you need courage and resolve. Striving to Be Something More can give you the focus and determination you need to overcome challenges and to become the sort of entrepreneur – or anything else – you want to be.

In turn, this can bring you financial success, prestige and personal satisfaction. But it’s always been more than that for me. Being something more can also give you added motivation to enhance the world around you. For example, it might encourage you to get involved in charitable initiatives in your local area or further afield, or it might give you the impetus to learn a new skill or try a new career path.

Simply going through the motions in life can often seem like the easy option, but in fact this approach may ultimately leave you feeling unfulfilled and unhappy, and it could get in the way of you achieving success. In contrast, making an effort to stand up and be counted and to use your skills to the best possible effect – whether this is through Cases your business efforts, your fulfilling charity/community involvement or in your personal life – can give you a feeling of fulfilment and pride.


Chris Niarchos applies the Be Something More principle to everything he does, including the fundraising division within Appco Group. You can discover how Chris Niarchos’s Be Something More principle is reflected in Appco Group’s fundraising division by visiting the AGS Global Fundraising Services website.


How to stay motivated in challenging times

Being an entrepreneur’s easy when everything’s running smoothly and the future looks bright. From my own experiences, I know the real test for a businessperson comes when you face challenging wholesale jerseys times. From falls in demand and increased production costs to late payments and problems with personnel, a whole series of hurdles can strike company owners at any time, and staying motivated and positive can be a major challenge. During these times, I have found that it’s worth bearing the following in mind.

Share your experiences

At times, being in charge of a company can cheap jerseys be a lonely job, but don’t make the mistake of shutting yourself off when you’re facing challenging situations. It’s important to share your experiences with others and one way you can do this is by networking with fellow entrepreneurs. As any successful business leader will tell you, learning from psykisk others should be a continual o process and it’s something we actively encourage across the Appco Group network.

Always make time for family and friends

Striking a good work-life balance is notoriously Neues difficult for business owners. Particularly when your company is facing problems, you might find it hard to tear yourself away from your desk. But focussing too much on your work at the expense of your family and friends of can take its toll. Even when you’re busy, it’s important to schedule time out. This will not only give you the chance to rest, but also provide you with a clearer perspective and help you remember what all your hard work is actually for.

Look after your health

It’s easy to allow your own wellbeing to take a backseat to your business. But the irony is, if you’re not sleeping enough, you’re living on caffeine and junk food and you don’t have time to exercise, you could actually put your business at risk. The fact is, your physical fitness has a big impact on your ability to cope mentally, so neglecting your health simply isn’t an option. By getting enough rest, eating properly and fitting exercise into your routine, you wholesale MLB jerseys will find it easier to keep on top of running your own business.

Focus on your end goals

Try not to lose sight of the ultimate purpose of your efforts – whatever that may be. Making a success of your business could bring you wealth, prestige and satisfaction – and, most importantly, it could help you to provide the life you want for wholesale NBA jerseys you and your family. This idea can be summed up by Appco’s Be Something More principle. PageRank? Essentially, this means striving to achieve something for yourself or those around you and to do more than simply go through the motions in life. This idea is extremely important to me and it has helped to guide me throughout my career and keep me focussed when I’ve been presented with challenges.

It’s inevitable that you will face obstacles in running your business, and the mark of a truly great business leader is how they rise to those challenges and maintain their motivation and positive attitude. If you can do that, success – in whatever way you define it – is likely to follow.