What is the Human Commercial™?

Ever since I first set up my direct sales business in Australia at the age of 22, I’ve sought to set new standards of excellence in this field.

Face-to-face sales is the oldest and most enduring form of marketing available and, over decades, I’ve witnessed first-hand the impressive results it can achieve for a wide range of organisations. At Appco, we’re continually looking for ways to enhance our services – and as part of this, we’ve developed the Human Commercial™. But what exactly is this concept and why it has proved to be so effective?


Creating a connection

The genius of face-to-face sales is the fact that it creates an instant and lasting connection with consumers. In an increasingly digital world, faceless marketing is now commonplace, but at Appco we believe that people still respond most strongly to other people. This is where our approach really comes into its own.

Using the Human Commercial™, the brand ambassadors in our network engage with people in a professional and friendly way, leaving a positive and enduring impression of the brands they represent. This is in stark contrast to TV adverts, websites, smartphone pop-ups and other impersonal promotional methods. While these approaches certainly have their uses and can be highly effective, they lack the human element of face-to-face sales.

Delivering a tailored message

The Human Commercial™ involves delivering highly tailored messages that are interesting and relevant to consumers’ individual needs and preferences.

Using the technique, brand ambassadors enter into dialogues with prospective customers and provide well-informed answers to any questions they may have. Again, other marketing channels like TV advertisements obviously work, but they can’t do that! In this way, the Human CommercialTM is not simply about ‘selling’ to people; instead it is about respecting them and making sure that they have the best possible experiences. In turn, this can enable consumers to make confident, informed decisions and it helps to ensure they are positively engaged in the products or services that our brand ambassadors represent.

So that they are able to deliver the detailed information that consumers expect and want, the brand ambassadors in our network have in-depth knowledge about the products and services they sell. This comes across immediately when they interact with customers.

At Appco we believe that as the original marketing method, face-to-face sales is here to stay. With decades of experience – and with the help of our dynamic and engaging Human Commercial™ approach – we intend to stay at the cutting edge of this industry.

If you would like to find out more about the services Appco offers, please visit our website. Regardless of your marketing needs, our form of direct sales could help you to create a lasting connection with your target audience and play a major role in boosting your long-term success.

In his role as founder and chairman, Chris Niarchos at Cobra Group of Companies is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the business. Appco Group is the direct sales and marketing subsidiary of Cobra and it now has operations in nearly 30 countries around the world.

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